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Books by Theresa Breslin
Whispers in the Graveyard
by Theresa Breslin picture of book cover
Horror & Ghosts for ages 9 - 14 published by Mammoth
Everyone has failed Solomon, his mother has left him, his teachers are bullies and his father is a drunk. When things get too much he takes refuge in the Kirkyard, in a hidden corner where nothing grows and nobody else walks. When workmen come to move the graves they dig up the rowan tree, the only thing which has ever grown at that end of the kirkyard. As it dies a terrible force is unleashed, a force that wants revenge on mankind. ...more 162/110
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.99, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Dream Master Nightmare!
by Theresa Breslin picture of book cover
Every dream needs a master - someone in charge, just like someone telling a story. But when Cy has a go at being a Dream Master himself and running his own dream, everything goes horribly wrong. ...more 1123/110
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Across the Roman Wall
by Theresa Breslin picture of book cover
Historical Fiction for ages 7 - 9 published by A & C Black
The minute Marinetta meets Lucius, she hates him. Pompous, stuck-up Roman officer's son! He thinks all Britons are uncivilised savages and she is sure that the Romans are good for nothing at all. Then, to their dismay, they are forced to act together. This story is set in Roman Britain. (Amazon) ...more 398/110

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