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Books by Narinder Dhami
Animal Crackers
by Narinder Dhami, illustrated by Tony Blundell picture of book cover
Horror & Ghosts for ages 7 - 10 published by Corgi Yearling
Because of the 4 playground bullies, Sanjay slips over and bangs his head. When he wakes up everyone he sees has become some sort of animal. Soon Sanjay realises everyone behaves, in some way, like the animal he sees them as. Faint with fear, he wonders what sort of animal Barry Howard and his 3 sidekicks will be. Rottweilers? Man-eating sharks? When he discovers they're white rabbits, he comes up with a cunning idea and the bullies get their comeuppance! ...more 941/198
Annie's Game
by Narinder Dhami picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 8 - 11 published by Corgi Yearling
Jack's little sister is only five, but she speaks several foreign languages, reads Shakespeare and is clearly a genius. To Jack her favourite pastime seems to be winding him up. Her new game is by far the worst though, she says she has a friend who only she can see, a time traveller from the twenty-fifth century called Sarah Slade. Annie spends hours talking to this invisible girl and builds models of the houses and buildings in the future. Things start going wrong when Sarah starts stealing things from people who upset Annie. No matter how hard he tries Jack cannot get his sister to stop playing the Sarah Slade game, even when things start disappearing from school. What can Jack do to stop things getting any worse, and what will 'Sarah' do next? ...more 309/198
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Bindi Babes
by Narinder Dhami 
 ...more 1827/198

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