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Books by Karen Wallace
Something Slimy on Primrose Drive
by Karen Wallace, illustrated by Helen Flook picture of book cover
Humour for ages 8 - 11 published by A & C Black (Publishers) Ltd
Midnight and the Wolfbane family have just arrived at their new home on Primrose Drive. It has manicured lawns perfect flowerbeds and beautiful houses, just the sort of place that Pearl has always wanted to live, but by breakfast next morning her parents have added their own touches to the house, a subterranean kitchen with water running down the walls and a water hole filled with muddy brown water and snakes. Pearl could live with all of these strange needs of her family but her room was going to stay pink and frilly. When the neighbours return from their holiday, Pearl realises that she isn't the only little girl who is different to the rest of her family, because Ruby has the same sort of problems. Can these two girls find friendship with each other and can their families also become friends and who is that rather nasty man, Sid Bouncer and what is he trying to get his greedy little hands on? ...more 1558/2
Sherlock Hound: The Case Of The Giant Gulping Bluebells
by Karen Wallace, illustrated by Emma Damon picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 5 - 7 published by Scholastic Children’s Books
Sherlock Hound is called in to solve the case of the missing giant bluebells and disappearing bank managers. Can he and his sidekick Dr Whatsup Wombat solve the mystery and foil the criminals master plan? ...more 1613/2
Fearless Fiona and the Mothproof Hall mystery
by Karen Wallace 
Crime & Mystery for ages 7 - 12 published by Young Lions
Fiona's father runs a newspaper and Fiona is his best journalist. She investigates crimes and strange disappearances and she always comes up with the answer and the criminals. This time she must discover who stole the jewels from Lady Mothproof at the strange Mothproof Hall. Strange and creepy characters are everywhere as are the strange and creepy plants! ...more 1/2
Yikes, It's a Yeti!
by Karen Wallace picture of book cover
Aimed at developing reading ability in children aged seven to nine, the comic strip novels in this series feature heroes and heroines who use quick-thinking tactics to get them out of all scrapes and dilemmas. They are designed to bridge the gap between picture books and longer novels. ...more 1172/2

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