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Books by Paeony Lewis
Cinderella's Wedding
by Paeony Lewis, illustrated by Ross Collins picture of book cover
Folk and Fairy Tales for ages 5 - 9 published by Macdonald Young Books
There are only two weeks to go before the Prince and Cinderella are married. Cinderella's horrid sisters, Hiccup and Nosy, are busy plotting and planning ways to make the Prince fall in love with them (then they'll argue about which one of them will marry him). They send him love poems, bake him biscuits, try to put him off Cinderella by sending him a pair of her old smelly socks and they sing love songs outside the Palace windows. These plans all misfire amusingly but, although he cracks a tooth on a chocolate chip cookie, the royal dog benefits from the 'smelly socks' plan'. And Cinderella thinks her sisters are being kind and thoughtful! Then Nosy comes up with a brilliant plan which almost works! ...more 1326/650
The Castle Awakes
by Paeony Lewis, illustrated by Georgie Birkett picture of book cover
Folk and Fairy Tales for ages 5 - 9 published by Hodder & Stoughton Educational
Prince Fearless wakes Sleeping Beauty with a kiss and, then, she's Princess Rose again. Very soon, they're in love and making plans for their wedding. There are cobwebs and spiders everywhere (the Evil Fairy didn't put her sleeping spell on the spiders) and Princess Rose says the entire castle will have to be cleaned for the wedding. Eric, a little spider, hurries off to tell the big boss spider the bad news. The spiders want the castle for themselves and they make plans to "chase those pesky humans away". The spiders put their first plan in action and the king discovers Prince Fearless's secret; he's scared of spiders. He says he won't let his daughter marry a coward, but the queen reasons with him and the wedding's back on. The spiders go into action again, their plan results in the Evil Fairy turning Princess Rose into a tarantula spider at the wedding party. The curse will only be broken when Prince Fearless kisses his spider wife! But the prince faints when the queen carries the huge, hairy spider towards him. Eventually, with the king's help, Prince Fearless overcomes his fear and poor little Eric Spider is heartbroken for he'd fallen in love with Spider Rose. But all ends happily. ...more 1366/650
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