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Books by Celia Rees
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
Historical Fiction for ages 11 - 16 published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Fate brings the naïve Nancy Kington to Jamaica where she meets Minerva, a black slave already working in her father's house. As friendship grows between the two girls Nancy's eyes are opened to the awful truth of the world around her. She realises that she is just as much a slave as Minerva and has been sold in marriage to the black hearted Brazilian, Bartholome. Escaping their bonds the two girls run away to secret Pirate village and set about becoming Pirates themselves, in a search for happiness and lost loves! ...more 1764/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £8.75, usually dispatched within 24 hours.
Witch Child
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
Fantasy and Magic for ages 11 - 16 published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Mary's grandmother is a witch and after being tortured is hung, as is the custom. Mary is whisked away by a Gentlewoman who arranges her passage to the New World. Mary's journal tells of her life among the settlers, her fears of detection and the friendships she makes, until again the shadow of witchcraft falls upon her and she must escape her tormentors! ...more 1421/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Truth or Dare?
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
Staying at his dying grandmother's house, 13-year-old Josh is drawn towards a terrible family secret by the semi-conscious ramblings of his grandmother about her long-dead son, and Josh's own discovery of the boy's obsession with UFOs. ...more 1474/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
City of Shadows
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
In the midsummer of his twelfth birthday, Davey, his twin cousins and his sister Kate, embark on a tour of the infamous underground city in Davey's hometown. As the tour progresses, Davey finds himself separated from the others, and inside an eerie chamber. Here he is drawn to a large and hazy-glassed mirror. In a moment, Davey's reflection blurs, and he finds himself back on the streets of the ancient city - but the residents are not of his time - they are ghosts, and some do not take kindly to those from 'the other side'. Davey encounters some friendly spirits, too - but they urge him to try to make it back to his own time, before an evil ghost crew discovers he is mortal. A frantic search for his own world begins, and Davey makes it just in time. But he senses there is unfinished business and, come Hallowe'en, the ghosts will be on the lookout for him - and this time they will be visiting his world... ...more 1762/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.
The Host Rides Out
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
A psychic storm rages and ghosthunters stalk the city where young Davey Williams lives, destroying good and evil alike. Davey risks his own life to save his friends, but will the ghosts be there when he needs them? And now the Lady has returned, brimming with malice and hungry for vengeance. Davey must escape her deadly clutches by Midsummer, or be in her thrall forever... ...more 1763/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, usually dispatched within 2 days.
The Soul Taker
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
Lewis James is unhappy. Overweight and unpopular, his dad despises him, the girl he likes won't look at him - he has no friends, no life. Desperate to change, anxious to know all about his future, he tries a fortune-teller with a difference. A beguiling and seemingly caring toyshop owner, Mr Jardine. Jardine is eager to help and first offers Lewis practical advice - such as taking up exercise and getting fitter to improve Lewis's chances with Lisa. He also offers Lewis a Saturday job in his shop and Lewis soon starts to feel more confident. He enjoys working in the shop, watching Jardine at work crafting his life-like and ultra-sophisticated puppets. But Lisa still evades Lewis, and he needs more help. Again he turns to Jardine - making the biggest mistake of his life. Jardine suggests Lewis somehow get a lock of Lisa's hair - then Jardine will use his 'psychic gifts' to influence her. But what Lewis doesn't know is that Jardine has no intention of helping him - or Lisa. Jardine is a spirit thief - a Soul Taker. He wants human souls to bring his 'children' to life and now he has Lewis right where he wants him. Ater all, a deal's a deal. A life for a life, a soul for a soul... ...more 1761/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, usually dispatched within 24 hours.
The Vanished
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
A tale to make your blood run cold... It all started as stories-playground tales handed down for generations. Stories of plague graves, vanished children and hidden steps leading to a festering underworld. A world so real you could almost smell it... But when another child goes missing, Fraser wonders if there's some truth in the tales. The dank tunnels running under the city are real enough. Who knows what horrors their depths contain? only Billy. He knows about a decaying kingdom far more terrifying thananyone could imagine... ...more 1760/723
by Celia Rees picture of book cover
 ...more 1788/723
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £7.69, usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.

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