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Books by Lois Lowry
Gathering Blue
by Lois Lowry picture of book cover
Fantasy and Magic for ages 10 - 16 published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Kira lives in a society where she must always prove her value, with a withered leg most of the other villagers think she should have been left out in the Field for the beasts to kill long ago. Now with the death of her mother there is nobody to stand up for her or help her cause. Kira is quickly challenged by the other women of the village and so must face judgement by the Council of Guardians. Can she prove herself worth keeping alive, could her almost magical talent help her now? ...more 1451/760
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
The Giver
by Lois Lowry picture of book cover
Science Fiction for ages 10 - 14 published by Collins
Jonas lives in a world where families are placed together, people have there roles and live their lives accordingly. When they get too old or if they break the rules too many times they are 'Released', whatever that means! At the age of twelve each child is given a job that they will train for, Jonas, however is not given a job, he has been chosen to become the 'Receiver'. As he begins to train he realises just how awful this job is and what a bed of lies his world is resting upon, he realises he must escape or nothing will ever change for anybody! ...more 1448/760
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.19, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days

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