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Books by Sue Welford
Whispers on the Wind
by Sue Welford picture of book cover
Fantasy and Magic for ages 11 - 15 published by Oxford University Press
Vinna is a scavenger. She lives in a hovel and spends her days scouring the garbage piles that fall from the high places above. But Vinna has strange dreams and hears whispers that nobody else can. Then when the Heiress id kidnapped and taken out of the stronghold, Vinna is the only one who hears her cry and 'sees' the Heiress carried away. The guards soon come looking for her and she is forced to set out on a rescue mission, her only companion is a young boy with strange abilities to heal and superhuman strength. Out on their own a whole new world opens up for Vinna, but she still finds something pulling her to the kidnapped Heiress, can they reach her in time and what will happen to her if they do? ...more 1544/794
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The Shadow of August
by Sue Welford picture of book cover
Real Life Drama for ages 11 - 16 published by Oxford University Press
When Mattie's mother dies after a long illness, Mattie has the job of sorting out all of her belongings and legal documents. What she finds out is slightly worrying, she owns a house in Cornwall and has relatives she knew nothing about. Slowly Mattie and her boyfriend Bram try to sort out the facts from the fiction surrounding Mattie's early life. Why are there no medical records of her and where is her birth certificate? Does Mattie really want to know anymore or are some things best left in the shadows? ...more 1727/794

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