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Miscellaneous Books
Art Fraud Detective
by Anna Nilsen picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 8 - 99 published by Kingfisher
The security guard at the Town Gallery needs your help, he has realised that some of the most famous paintings in the world have been stolen and replaced with forgeries. He needs someone with sharp eyes to compare the paintings and decide which are real and which are fake. There are also clues as to who has stolen the paintings, can you help? ...more 1325/648
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 10.39, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
The Good Bad Boy And Other Peculiar Parables
by Sophie Piper, illustrated by Tim Archbold picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 5 - 7 published by Lion Publishing Ltd
In this witty book the parables are rewritten to make them relevant to children today. The Good Samaritan becomes the Good Bad Guy where Adam is mugged on the way home from work only to be rescued by an unlikely source, the story of the two builders is brought to life in Location, Location, Location, the story of The Prodigal Son is cleverly written as Going Solo and the Great Feast is modernised as the Celebrity Party when the greatest singer in the World, Star, decides to throw a party only the other celebs decide they are too busy to come. ...more 1806/856
Vicky Angel
by Jacqueline Wilson picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 9 - 14 published by Doubleday
When her best friend is killed Jade cannot believe she'll never see her again. But fortunately for her, Vicky has no intention of being dead lying down. She comes back to make her presence felt, no matter what Jade is doing. In lessons, out running or trying to make new friends, Vicky is there in the background keeping tabs on her best friend! ...more 926/44
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 9.89, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Totally Uncool
by Janice Levy, illustrated by Chris Monroe 
Miscellaneous for ages 4 - 99 published by Zero to Ten
A little girl starts by thinking of all the weird uncool things about Dad's new girlfriend. And, maybe, she's feeling a bit jealous when she tells us: 'Dad calls her Sweetie Pie. I don't call her anything'. But after the uncool things, come the friendly and loving things - ending on an amusing but warm thought. ...more 961/510
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Annie's Game
by Narinder Dhami picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 8 - 11 published by Corgi Yearling
Jack's little sister is only five, but she speaks several foreign languages, reads Shakespeare and is clearly a genius. To Jack her favourite pastime seems to be winding him up. Her new game is by far the worst though, she says she has a friend who only she can see, a time traveller from the twenty-fifth century called Sarah Slade. Annie spends hours talking to this invisible girl and builds models of the houses and buildings in the future. Things start going wrong when Sarah starts stealing things from people who upset Annie. No matter how hard he tries Jack cannot get his sister to stop playing the Sarah Slade game, even when things start disappearing from school. What can Jack do to stop things getting any worse, and what will 'Sarah' do next? ...more 309/198
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.19, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Bad Dreams
by Anne Fine, illustrated by Susan Winter picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 10 - 14 published by Corgi Yearling
Mel doesn't seem to need, or want, friends - she prefers to spend her spare time reading. She isn't too pleased to be picked as the first-week minder for new girl Imogen. And Imogen isn't too pleased to be made a book monitor along with Mel. Imogen hates books! Mel soon discovers that some books seem to frighten or upset Imogen and, sometimes, Imogen talks to a character on the front cover of a book. Not only that, she seems to know what's going to happen to characters in books without reading them. There's definitely something strange and weird about Imogen, everyone except Mel seems uneasy to be anywhere near her. Imogen says it was the same at her last school - they all said she was 'creepy'. Mel becomes curious about Imogen's weirdness and discovers that Imogen has a gift which is more like a curse. Using what she'd learned from stories in books, Mel works out a way to save Imogen from her gift - to rid her of the curse. ...more 942/9
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.99, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Paddington: A Treasury Of Classic Stories
by Michael Bond, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum 
Miscellaneous for ages 3 - 99 published by Collins
Thirty-five classic stories about that much loved bear, starting right back at the beginning. ...more 1405/533
by Robert Westall picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 8 - 11 published by Puffin Books
When Tim discovers a huge model ship buried in the sand, his uncle Geoff goes off on one of his obsessions, to rebuild the boat and discover who made it. Thus comes to light a sad story of a family ripped apart by hatred and tragedy. ...more 298/62
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Ginny's Egg
by Pippa Goodheart picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 7 - 10
Ginny can't wait for her mum to have the new baby and when the day finally comes she is very excited. But something else special has happened. Ginny has found a golden egg in the hen-house and while she waits for the new baby to be born the egg hatches. A tiny dragon comes out and later that night her baby brother is born, but he has Down's Syndrome. Ginny's parents don't know how to cope with this, but Ginny's egg helps them realise their love for the new baby. ...more 932/508
The Ultimate Book Guide
by Daniel Hahn picture of book cover
Miscellaneous for ages 8 - 99 published by A & C Black (Publishers) Ltd
This guide has been put together with contributions from some of the best children's authors of the moment and by others who just love reading young people's books. It is easy to use and gives good descriptions of the books on offer. ...more 1811/859
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* 9.09, usually dispatched within 24 hours.

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