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Harvey Angell
by Diana Hendry picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 8 - 12 published by Red Fox
Henry lives with his stingy and miserable aunt. She runs a boarding house where the guests all do as she says. Life revolves around school dinners until one day a new lodger turns up and turns everything upside down. Who is Harvey Angell and what does he do out in the energy fields with his connecting kit? ...more 11/7
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.19, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Sherlock Hound: The Case Of The Giant Gulping Bluebells
by Karen Wallace, illustrated by Emma Damon picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 5 - 7 published by Scholastic Children’s Books
Sherlock Hound is called in to solve the case of the missing giant bluebells and disappearing bank managers. Can he and his sidekick Dr Whatsup Wombat solve the mystery and foil the criminals master plan? ...more 1613/2
The Ruby in the Smoke
by Philip Pullman picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 10 - 14 published by Scholastic
It is Victorian London and Sally Lockheart finds herself alone, without a friend after the death of her father. A strange letter sends her hurrying to his shipping company, but when she mentions 'The Seven Blessings' , the man before her falls down dead with shock. Sally realises she has stumbled into an evil web of deceit, where everyone is a potential threat. At the heart of the web lies the legendary 'Ruby in the Smoke', can Sally find it before her enemies find her? ...more 345/101
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
by Eleanor Updale picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 10 - 16 published by Scholastic Children’s Books
When a thief crashes to his fate, through a skylight whilst running from the police, a young doctor revives him and over the next few years rebuilds his shattered body. Showing off his work at Scientific Society meetings, where the thief is held up for public display. But this thief listens and learns from those around him and gradually forms a plan, a way to make a new life when he leaves prison, a new life and a new identity. So when he is finally free Montmorency is born, a respectable Victorian gentleman, with a degenerate servant called Scarper. Suddenly a whole new spate of thefts are carried out across London, daring impossible raids that baffle the police, and leaveeveryone bewildered. For how long can Montmorency and Scarper keep their identity secret, one little slip could bring them to a last walk to the gallows! ...more 1791/843
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £9.09, usually dispatched within 24 hours.
South By South East
by Anthony Horowitz picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 9 - 13 published by Walker
When a mysterious stranger is murdered wearing Tim Diamond's overcoat, Nick and his dim-witted brother find themselves on the trail of a ruthless assassin. Or is he following them? ...more 171/6
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.19, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
The Shadow in the North
by Philip Pullman picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 10 - 14 published by Point, Scholastic
Some years after the first story, Sally now runs a financial advisory business, and the Garland Photographic company is really doing well. Jim Taylor the young porter from the shipping offices, now works with Fred Garland, investigating shady dealings. With a strange request to attend a séance and one of Sally's clients loosing all her investments, the friends are plunged into a new, dangerous yet thrilling investigation. ...more 347/101
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
The Sighting
by Jan Mark picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 10 - 14 published by Puffin Books
Jack knows little about his father's family and so is eager to attend the family funeral. A sombre affair, the only good thing to come out of it is his friendship with Julius. Together the two boys put together the story which explains how the feud started and why nobody really knows very much about it. ...more 343/97
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Fearless Fiona and the Mothproof Hall mystery
by Karen Wallace 
Crime & Mystery for ages 7 - 12 published by Young Lions
Fiona's father runs a newspaper and Fiona is his best journalist. She investigates crimes and strange disappearances and she always comes up with the answer and the criminals. This time she must discover who stole the jewels from Lady Mothproof at the strange Mothproof Hall. Strange and creepy characters are everywhere as are the strange and creepy plants! ...more 1/2
The Other Side of Silence
by Margaret Mahy picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 9 - 15 published by Puffin Books
Hero hasn't spoken a word to her family for several years. It's not that she can't, more that she chooses not to. Her early morning travels around the sinister Squintum's house change when she falls at the feet of Miss Credence and is offered a job there. As her fantasy world begins to take over reality, Hero finds herself becoming increasingly worried by what is going on in the strange old house. Nothing has prepared her for her final terrifying discovery or given her any idea how to deal with the awful knowledge. ...more 84/99
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, 
Derek Dungbeetle in Paradise
by Nick Storme, illustrated by Martin Chatterton picture of book cover
Crime & Mystery for ages 8 - 11 published by Mammoth
Derek Dungbeetle, Private Investigator, needs a holiday, needs to get rich - needs a client. Then Stripewing Grant, millionaire grasshopper, hops into his office with a special assignment. Grant is being blackmailed. If his horsefly runs in the Metropolitan Stakes, his family will be in danger. ...more 265/191
Available from : Amazon.co.uk
* £2.39, We expect to be able to find this title for you within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock.

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