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Mad Iris
by Jeremy Strong (more about Jeremy Strong) 1551/378 first published 2002
Historical Fiction for ages 8 to 13 published by Barrington Stoke
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
One escaped ostrich, hiding in the school toilets!
Is it easy to read?
Barrington Stoke publishes books for children who are reluctant readers, and children with specific reading difficulties such as dyslexia, to encourage them to read for pleasure. This book appeals to 8-13 yr olds with a minimum reading age of 8
Anything else?
Another witty book from Jeremy Strong, these books are a great resource and can boost children's enjoyment of reading and their confidence as young people. I can't recommend them enough!
Other books by Jeremy Strong include I'm Telling You, They're Aliens, My Granny's Great Escape, The Hundred-mile-an-hour Dog, The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble, There's a Viking in My Bed.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
An hilarious story of an escaped ostrich, who Ross and Katie attempt to hide in the school toilets. Slapstick humour, action aplenty and strong characters make this a classic Jeremy Strong story.
And what do you think?
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