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When Dad Went on a Date
by Jenny Oldfield (more about Jenny Oldfield) 1565/610
published by Hodder Children's Books
Our Reviewer's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
A funny, upbeat story told in diary form. The fourth part of a diary by Tiffany Little relating her escapades with her family and friends.
What happens?
Tiffany's parents are separated and her mum has a new partner so Tiffany tries to set her dad up with a date - with one of her teachers. It all turns to disaster and once again Tiffany's life seems to be going downhill fast.
Is it easy to read?
Funny and realistic with some really good black and white illustrations. Reads just like a young girl's diary would read and Tiffany's character comes across well. I think this will appeal to all young girls of eight and above.
Anything else?
Jenny Oldfield is a best-selling author with several successful series to her name, including Home Farm Twins and Definitely Daisy.
Other books by Jenny Oldfield include Don't Make Me Laugh, Liam, I'd Like a Little Word, Leonie, Just You Wait, Winona, Not Now, Nathan!, Off-Side, Tess Gets Trapped, Titch Plays Tricks, Toby Takes the Plunge, What's the Matter, Maya?, You Must Be Joking, Jimmy, You're a Disgrace, Daisy.
The publisher reckons...
This is the fourth book featuring the voice of Tiffany Little, a girl with attitude and a diary she's not afraid to use! This is Adrian Mole without the angst and Bridget Jones for kids. Jenny Oldfield once again creates a must-have series, full of all the things girls this age worry about. In When Dad Went on a Date Tiff attempts to ser her dad up on a date – and there are disastrous effects – while her friends try to get the autograph of a celebrity. The books are filled with touching honesty and humour, as well as great black and white illustrations. So read on…if you can get hold of a copy
And here's a sample...
Hands off. Keep out! No one reads this diary, OK! It's all here, blow by blow. I write my diary a lot. And that's what I wanna be - a mega famous blockbusting, big-time WRITER! But not yet, so don't go snooping…
And what do you think?
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