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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Melvin Burgess (more about Melvin Burgess) 174/117 first published 1996
Real Life Drama for ages 12 to 18 published by Puffin
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
A controversial book about drug culture. A teenage epic of parties, drink, drugs and despair.
What happens?
Tar runs away from a home life that he cannot cope with. Gemma runs from the constricts of her parents. Everything is going to be so different on their own, in a bigger town, where people allow them to do what they like. It'll be one big party, and they'll be in control!
Is it easy to read?
Easily read, but mature material.
Anything else?
A teenage diary of how they become addicts, their lives on the streets, prostitution and trying to get clean. This is an honest description of a life many young people fall into. It's not glamorous, and never seems appealing. It's brutal, dirty and confused. Burgess has produced a powerful book that has no rainbow happy endings. Very real! Won the Library Association Carnegie Book Award 1996. A book on a similar subject is Wasted by Krissy Kays published by Penguin.
Other books by Melvin Burgess include Lady.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
A true-to-life story of two teenagers drawn into the dangerous and destructive world of heroin addiction.
And what do you think?
Junk is an extraordinary book, and walks a terrain that is at once terrifying and totally compelling. Tar and Gemma are in love. Tar has reasons for running away from home that run deep and sour, whereas Gemma, with her middle-class roots firmly on show,
mohammed, frieen barnet
i like the book because it has a lot of points about why you should take drugs and if you do what it does to you and like if ur pregnant be careful. i think it is excellent for a whole class or group reading as i am reading it with my class and i think it
emily, courtmoor school
I liked this book because it was about reallife. Usualy adults try to cover up the facts of life such as drink and drugs and pretend to their kids that its not happening. This book shows life as it is for some teenagers and also the danger of drugs. It wa More...
ana, china
Junk by Melvin Burgess was first published by Andersen Press Limited 1996 in London. The book costs £ 4.99 in the U.K. It has 278 pages divided into 32 chapters. This book has won the Guardian Fiction Award and the Carnegie Medal in 1996. Junk was tr More...
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