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The Wreck of the Zanzibar
by Michael Morpurgo (more about Michael Morpurgo) 182/10 first published 1995
Historical Fiction for ages 8 to 11 published by Mammoth
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
A story of the harsh realities of life for villagers on the Scilly Isles in 1907.
What happens?
Laura and her twin brother Billy live on Brhyer, one of the Scilly Isles. Their life is very hard, the sea savages the islands and family after family move to the mainland. Billy doesn't help, constantly arguing with his father, until finally he runs away to sea. As Laura's father admits defeat and decides to leave the island, one further wreck occurs, the wreck of the Zanzibar.
Is it easy to read?
Highly recommended for anyone interested in the sea or history.
Anything else?
Michael Morpurgo is a wonderful story teller. This story seemed so real. It was harsh yet touching, violent and then peaceful. A real insight into a way of life which no longer exists. Won the 1995 Whitbread Children's Book Award.
Other books by Michael Morpurgo include Kensuke's Kingdom, Mossop's Last Chance, Muck and Magic - stories from the countryside, Out of the Ashes, The Butterfly Lion, The Dancing Bear, The King in the Forest, The Rainbow Bear, Waiting for Anya.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Michael travels to Scilly for his Great Aunt Laura's funeral and inherits her diary, which reveals the moving story of her childhood, the great storms and the discovery of Zanzibar.
And what do you think?
Amy, st opra's school 4 girls
I am not going to put what I liked about this book because I did not like any of it. I found it extremely boring and tiresome it had no adveture and no fun, you can't have read the book because anybody who has read the book wouldn't have have given it 9 o
Andrew and Ben, Boughton school
The Wreck of the Zanzibar is about a girl that lived on one of the Scilly island with her brother Billy her dad. It is a very good book and we give it ******.
Elspeth & Courtney, Boughton M P School
This is an excellent, well written book. It is a tragic but warming story with lots of character. The book is about a set of twins called Laura and Billy. It is a very involving story that is our reason for giving the book a mark of 10/10. We think this b
Isabel Heubl, St.Andrew's School, Eastbourne
Zanzibar is a boat, and a girl with a twin brother. They lived in an old house next to the beach. Their Dad always was angry at at the brother Billy and then a men asked Billy to drive away. It is very good for children between 9 and 11.
Jamie and Antonia, Boughton school
The Wreck of the Zanzibar is about a girl that lives on the island of Scilly. Her brother Billy goes sailing around the world. It's about Nora and her gran saving a turtle. It is an exciting book. We have never read a book by Michael Morpurgo before and w
Kate,Milly,Tiggy., Boughton school
The wreck of the Zanzibar is a really interesting diary. Laura and Billy lived on the isle of Bryer in the Scilly Isles. After a drought and lack of food, they survive through the winter. A good book for ages 8-11.
Emma Grief/Ashley Osborne, Harpley V.C. Primary School
This book is about a diary of Laura Perryman, her life on Bryher and how it was affected by terrible storms. Billy her twin brother, left the island and Laura, and went on the General Lee. Will Laura ever see Billy again?
joanna, guildford
In the wreck f the zanzibar a young girl Laura writes a diary of the most interesting times in her live. when her brother leaves home and for the first time in her live she pulled the rig!!
Jonathan Amber, Harpley V.C. Primary School
I think the book "the wreck of the zanzibar" is a good book to listen to and would appeal to most people from the age of 7. It is a very good book with it's tragic story of how Laura Perryman copes with her life on the island of Bryher with her Mother,Fat More...
Jessie Ryan, Harpley V.C Primary School
It is a tragic story of a girl called laura Perryman,who has a twin brother called Billy who fights with father but mother is a peace maker but Granny May is inbetween. But what happens when a stom comes to town !
Max & Russell, harpley
A terrifying storm that occurs in Bryher, one of the scilly isles. A boy called Michael has an aunt who died , and he inherits a diary she had made when she was a child, and how she helped to save Bryher.
Jonathan and Katrina, Harpley VC primary School
We think the story, The wreck of the Zanzibar was exceedingly good. Michael did a cracking job. It"s about Laura and Billy the to main characters, In the storm scene it makes you feel as if you are there, in the midde of the thunderous rain. Laura was on More...
danny+Billy, harpley
It's a book that brings tears to your eyes. It's a brilliant book with alot of feeling. I would definately reccomend this book happily.
Laura + Shaun, Harpley
It is about two twins(Laura +Billy) who are seperated and miss each other very much.We liked the book because we found it very adventurous and touching.We recommend it for about 8 and up.We hope others enjoy it as well as we did.
jack and daniel, harpley
The book is about a girl called Iaura and her twin brother Billy who live on the Island of Bryher.Billy has an argeument with his farther and leaves.Things happen in this exciting story that you can't imagine.We would give this book 9/10.
Raman, Bournes Green School
i love this book bacause its really and when i say really i mean really. Well at the moment im reading it but i love it so far, i think billy is the best charecter>
Catherine Rachel Gazzard, Lucas vale
I think that the book is brilliant for children because it has lots of intresting things in it. What happend is Laura found a turtle and she helped it back to the sea.
Rory FarnellSharp, lucas vale
I think this is a very good book
chama mulenga, lucas vale primary school
I think that the book is a fabulous book because it has a very good piece of information and i think that it shows a very excellent but most of it i would rate it 7/10.
Rory+Daniel, Lucas vale primary school
I think this fantastic book and it is very good for young kids because it doesn`t have any volince in it. my friend Daniel thinks this book is very good for rainy days and bed time storys for little kids.
kimberley a, liverpool
the book is about a girl who has a twin brother , but the brother is always arguing with the father and wants to move away, the young girl writes a diary when she feels like and this is what the story is based upon i give the book ********************just More...
Lucie, Brays Grove, Harlow
I think this book was the best! I liked it because the way Mr. Morpurgo described the feelings of the family. Laura has a twin bro and he has mainly caused all of this mishap. That"s when the wreck happens.
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