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George's Marvellous Medicine
by Roald Dahl (more about Roald Dahl) 20/4
Humour for ages 6 to 12 published by Puffin
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Coping with a grim granny.
What happens?
George lives with his awful granny. When he has finally had more than he can stand of her he creates a strange medicine which has weird effects upon all who drink it.
Is it easy to read?
A lovely book for new readers and those with experience alike. As it is quite short it is a good way of giving confidence to a young child, that they can complete a whole book on their own.
Anything else?
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
George's grandmother has the nastiest eating habits in the world. She's as frightening as a witch and as grumpy as a camel without a hump. When he can't stand this cantankerous old woman any longer, George decides to cure her nastiness once and for all. He concocts a very nasty medicine.
And what do you think?
Andrew Elliot, Ashingdon
George is getting fed up with his awful grandmother so he decides to make her a new medicine. Brown shoe polish, shampoo and lots of other things go into this marvellous concoction. George can hardly wait till her doze. Grandma goes bonkers when it starts
David Howell, St Andrews School, Eastbourne
This book is brilliantly written! I really enjoyed reading this fantastic read!! George's grandmother really bugs George, so he decides to do something about it!!
Father Christmas, Park Lane
This book is about a boy called George who got a wicked grandma so he decides to make a medicine to give her a bit of a shock. This book is full of description but soon becomes long winded and can be funny depending on the reader. I think it’s a boo
Jamie McKee, St.Paul's JHS, Lurgan
This story is called Georges marvellous medicine and it is about a boy called George and his Grandma who is an old bat. He gets fed up with her and decides to make a medicine out of every household substance you can imagine. When he gives it to his Grandm
Michael Gracey, St.Paul's JHS, Lurgan
"Georges marvellous medicine" is a marvellous read. From the very first page it captures your interest and takes you on a journey which is astonishing, funny and fascinating. The book tells of a young boy who develops a special medicine which he uses on h
savannah potts, north lakes school
George's Marvellous Medicine is one of Roald Dahl's best books yet. George, a young boy doesn't like his grandma just his luck she comes to baby-sit him. Grandma needs her medicine so George makes it for her but not with the right recipe he puts lots of o
Lucy Ramsdale, Gee cross holy trinity
The story is about a boy called Goarge he lives with his Grandma who is nasty to him. Then he creates some MARVELLOUS MEDICINE for her.
Anthony Gribbon, St. Paul"s JHS, Lurgan
The book is about a little boy who is called George. His appearance is very dull because he has flat brown hair, with freckles. He is 8 years of age. He also lives on a farm. He has one parent which he thinks is very hard on him. Her name is Granny. She i More...
Som, Leicester
This book is very good for begginer readers although it has a few words that some new readers would find hard. The book itself is great just like any other book by Roald Dahl. I think this book is mailnly for confident readers. The age range i think that More...
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