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Stone Cold
by Robert Swindells (more about Robert Swindells) 210/119 first published 1993
Real Life Drama for ages 9 to 14 published by Puffin
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
A homeless boy on the streets of London faces a desperate fight for life when his friends start to disappear.
What happens?
Link wasn't born homeless, after his parents split up he couldn't bear living in the same house as his mother's new boyfriend. But after he leaves he has a run of bad luck and no choice but to end up on the streets of London. Life is hard, cold and unfriendly, until he meets Ginger. His new friend shows link how to survive, where to go for shelter and where the best begging places are. Then Ginger disappears and Link makes a new friend, Gail, He stops worrying about everything else, but other kids are still vanishing. Will it be Link's turn next?
Is it easy to read?
Written in two parts, with a change in print type to help the reader recognise who is talking. Easy to read, but requires some maturity to understand the contents. Recommended reading for all young readers who are becoming aware of the world around them.
Anything else?
A hauntingly tragic story. This is incredibly well written, Swindells writes about issues which are happening every day all around us. The easy slide of Link's into homelessness is so simple it is shocking. There is an urgency in this story and a world exposed as uncaring about the unwanted youths on our streets. Winner of the Carnegie Medal 1994.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Link, 17 years old and driven from his parental home, has drifted to London, jobless and friendless. He meets Deb, a homeless girl, who gives him some meaning in life. He doesn't realize that Deb is a journalist hunting a serial killer who preys on the homeless.
And what do you think?
Stone Cold, winner of the 1994 Carnegie Medal, serves as a sinister warning to any young runaway and not just because there is a killer on the loose. Narrated by 17-year-old Link, homeless and jobless in London after being driven out of home by a drunken,
Gary Allan, Rosehall High School
how does link survive after his girlfriend leaves him?
kylie williams, munich
i was amazed by the book,respect !!
lauren, norton hill
we have just finished reading this book in our class and are now doing 3 weeks of work on it. I found the book very interesting but also quite sickening in a way your sincerly lauren
liam rex, ABGS
I think this book was excellent because it really shows that people don't like the homeless but they are the same as us and it's not there fault that they are there.
Madison, Peterborough
I read this book in English and to be honest I didn't think it was particularly good. Maybe it 's because I like reading 'girlie' books such as Jacqueline Wilsons and Sweet Valley Highs, but this was long, drawn-out and very boring. Link leaves home, live
Matthew Semple, Bristol
An entertaining book which is imaginatively written. It is full of suspense as you wonder what is going to happen to Link as everyone is disappearing around him. The book has an interesting twist at the end. I also found the book quite chilling as the act
Publishing News
A gripping haunting tale.
Sina Bahmanyar, Harrow High School
I want to know that what happens to the boy in your book and do you like it?
Steven Boyd, Broughton High School
The dialogue of this book is superb. The book is written in a first person narrative format, which makes it very realistic and informative. The book explores the idea of loneliness and alienation through the two characters Link and Shelter
Leah, Birmingham
We read this book in our English lesson. It was gripping, when the bellrang, everyone wanted to carry on reading. We did,however, find the end a bit dissapointing, it was all over very quickley, but the end was left open,and I am still waiting for another More...
Redlum, Sussex
Stone Cold is a gripping, edge-of-your seat thriller of only 100 pages, about a boy named Link, that lives on the streets. After leaving a home because of his mum's mean, drunken boyfriend, Link travels to London - only to find that life there is not so More...
susan, weston favell upper school
it is good but i like link starts thinking
wouldn't u like to know, london
This book was boring. It sucks. It was great. I am a schizo. So am i. What does a man have to do around here to get some honest respect, my pet lemming gets more respect than i do. Ollie is a schizo to. So is Ollie. Im in love with a bean bag. We are gonn More...
Faith, Long Stratton High School
This book is a very moving story and got me reaching for the tissues. It also in some place got me holding my stomch. It handles so many diffrent isshes. i like it because it shows real life not just a story with a happy ending. It is a very powerful book More...
michaela, Holywells High schol
I Love this book i was reading this in schhol but i only got up to the bit where he meets ginger and he tells him where to go for a nice nights sleep somthing about caption hook?!! I AM SOOOOO INTRESTED ABOUT THIS BOOK. i am so intreasted i have a hinch t More...
Elin, Sweden
The book was hard to understand..I see the film..then I could do a book report on it.. But the film was good too.
Aalia, Levenshulme High School
i liked reading stone cold, but because we read it in school in the version of a play, i always ended up reading ahead and i ruined it for all my friends. we"re reading the last scene now, but i already know what happens so...
April, Altrincham College of Art
I thought the book was quite hard to get into. It"s not the type of book that I enjoy but that"s just me - surely other people loved it.
silly_billy, altrincham college of arts
this is one of the worst books i have ever read but i will continue to argue that the topic that this book is about is the most important and should not be continually trashed by know-it-all writers that think they are a godsend.
Thomas, Neasden Primary hull
I think that it was a great story and I think that people should read Stone Colds story. A boy who lives on the street of london and who"s got a desperate life ahead.
Alexandra, Oporto British School
This book is all about Link leaving home and how he survives out in the open ALONE!! It is really easy to read and exciting in parts, DON"T MISS IT!!!
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