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The HodgeHeg
by Dick King-Smith (more about Dick King-Smith) 235/118 illustrated by Linda Birch
first published 1987
Nature and Animals for ages 6 to 9 published by Puffin
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Max is a hedgehog who first becomes a hodgeheg and then becomes a hero.
What happens?
Max and the hedgehogs with whom he lives would love to get across the road to the park, but they cannot find a safe place to cross. So Max sets out to find a way by watching the different ways that humans get across. Some of his attempts leave him rather dazed and unsure of exactly who he is.
Anything else?
A lovely story for young readers. Dick King-Smith is a wonderful writer who creates simple yet satisfying stories for children of all ages. This is a good book for boosting children's confidence.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
The hedgehog family of number 5A are a happy bunch but they cannot cross the busy road to reach the park they long to visit. No one has found a way of crossing it safely, no one, that is, until the determined young Max decides to solve the problem, becoming a hodgeheg who becomes a hero.
And what do you think?
Catherine, Roselands Primary
A story about a lovable hedgehog called Max . He is determined to find a way for hedgehogs to cross the road safely . I think it is a lovely family book that should be shared between parent and child . I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would like to re
Cruisy Munn, Eastcombe Primary School
The book is about a Hegehog family that want to get to the Park but they have to cross a very busy road to get there. So Max, the smallest hegehog finds a way.My favourite part is when they come to the place where Max saw the
Kyle Shearer, Eastcombe Primary School
This book was very funny and really realistic. The main character is a hedehog named Max, who lives with his family and is trying to find a safe way to cross the busy road outside their house.They try lots of ways but none of them work until Max finds the More...
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