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The Snow Dragon
by Vivian French (more about Vivian French) 439/280 illustrated by Chris Fisher
first published 1999
Folk and Fairy Tales for ages 4 to 7 published by Doubleday
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £8.79, 
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
A daring tale of magic books, fighting dragons and one very brave orphan boy
What happens?
Imagine a world, one half terribly hot the other freezing cold and between the two a small strip of land where the twolegs live. A magical book foresees then end of the Fire Dragons and tells them a twoleg will be the cause of their destruction. So they try to destroy the land of the twolegs, but one small orphan boy sets out to find the peace-loving Snow Dragons and beg their help to save his land. No-one has ever seen any Snow Dragons or knows if any are still alive, will the little orphan boy succeed or will he be led into danger by the mischievous book?
Is it easy to read?
Although suitable to read with a younger child, this book would also be suitable for slightly older readers who are beginning to read alone.
Anything else?
An unusual story told beautifully by Vivian French. The illustrations are wonderful and make this an ideal book for any child with imagination. It has a good deal of text and a well planned plot. Not just for the very young. A lovely Christmas gift.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
When the power-crazy Fire Dragon decides he wants to rule not only his hot southern kingdom, but also the icy wastes of the Snow Dragon's territory, catastrophe occurs. It is up to the last remaining Snow Dragon to save the world from burning.
And what do you think?
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The Snow Dragon cover
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