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Me And My Cat
by Satoshi Kitamura (more about Satoshi Kitamura) 452/289 first published 1999
Early Years for ages 3 to 5 published by Andersen Press Ltd
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £8.49, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Our Reviewer's humble opinion
0/10 Sorry, I haven't had time to read this yet.
Anything else?
Shortlisted for the 1999 Kurt Maschler Award, and the Smarties Prize 2000.
The publisher reckons...
One night an old lady in a pointed hat climbs into Nicholas's bedroom and leaves as abruptly as she came. Puzzling, but not nearly as puzzling as what happens the next day.
And what do you think?
Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk
Late one night an old lady in a pointed hat climbs through the window into Nicholas's bedroom, brandishing her broom, muttering magic words and then leaving as suddenly as she arrived. Needless to say, Nicholas is rather puzzled, and when he wakes up the
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