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Stuart Little
by E. B. White (more about E. B. White) 502/323 first published 1974
Nature and Animals for ages 9 to 12 published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Our Reviewer's humble opinion
0/10 Sorry, I haven't had time to read this yet.
Anything else?
Recommended by Quentin Blake
The publisher reckons...
The adventures of the debonair mouse Stuart Little as he sets out in the world to seek out his dearest friend, a little bird who stayed a few days in his family's garden.
And what do you think?
How terribly surprised the Little family must have been when their second child turned out to be a small mouse. Apparently familiar with the axiom that "when in New York City, anything can happen", the Littles accept young Stuart into their family unquest
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