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Pure Dead Magic
by Debi Gliori (more about Debi Gliori) 966/519 first published 2001
Fantasy and Magic for ages 8 to 13 published by Doubleday
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
Life at StregaSchloss is anything but ordinary. Where else would you find weird beasts in the basement, talking spiders in the attic and a very hungry crocodile in the moat?
What happens?
Mrs Flora MacLachlan arrives at Strega Schloss expecting a nice ordinary job as nanny to Titus, Pandora and Damp their baby sister. But Senor Strega-Borgia has disappeared, his wife's witchcraft lessons aren't going too well and a gangster in a bunny suit is trying to kill everyone. Fortunately for all concerned nanny is not all that she appears and with a special little box has a few tricks up her sleeve.
Is it easy to read?
Large text (in the hardback edition at least) and an easy writing style make this suitable for any good reader. Some of the Italian names may need a little help. Suitable for boys and girls alike.
Anything else?
What a scream! I loved this book: it's witty, very original. The plot is clear and the story unfolds in a series of hilarious twists and turns. The characters are described clearly and are easily imagined, and the strange goings-on make the book hard to put down. A definite must for anyone with a sense of humour who enjoys a bit of magic. And watch out for the bunny gangster!
Other books by Debi Gliori include Penguin Post, Pure Dead Brilliant, Pure Dead Wicked.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
"Pure Dead Magic" includes kidnapping, magic and computer madness, and features a family that makes the Addams family seem almost normal!
And what do you think?
Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk
Debi Gliori may be better known for her superb picture books, ranging from the undeniable love-in of No Matter What to the satisfying bedtime book, The Very Small, but this time the lady takes on new literary life with the superb (not to mention downright
Shelley Dewar, Dunning
this book is five star read, all the charachters have there own individual personality. there all different. i liked the book because its very discriptive and it has a mixed genre.
Julie Riggs, Lakehill Prep Dallas
I read this to my 3rd grader, who loved it, and will present it to 5th grade book club this week, knowing that they will love it, too. Titus & Pandora search for lost baby rats, lost baby sister, and lost father using magic and computers. Mrs. MacLachlan More...
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