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from mezz, newbury.england
having only read the first 11 chapters, i am hooked, totally impressed at the complexity that a 13 year old can produce. this book is easy to read, but s taking me to a world that, in the fury and fast pace of todays life, i had almost forgotten about. i look forward to finishing this book as it is a delight to have time to realy travel away to another world. emotional - i have cried already! its a good book so far... i recommend it
from Rebecca, Rayleigh, Essex
This book was wonderfully written by a very talented young lady. She will go far if all of her books are as wonderfully written as this.
from Emma, Ashby
The book was interesting and the ideas behind it were great. But I think that the ending was slightly disappointing (the ending for the girls, not the actual ending for Joa), it felt like the book needed a sequel. But I would suggest that anyone who wants an easy going read and/or a sense of adventure should read this book.

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