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from kimberley, sneyd community school
All of the Darren Shan saga (up to book 9) are about a boy who"s world turns upside down once he sees an extraordairy circus. once he meets a man called mr cresply he is led all over the world. he has stared death in the face on more that one occasion. i liked the book beacuse it involves vampires and a thrilling cliff hanger adventure. the story context is easy to read but not too easy. he uses lots of description and plenty of drama. i got the first book out of the library and once i started reading it i couldn"t put the book down every darren shan book in the saga has been better than the last. each book reveles something else to add to the half-vampires problems which is one thing i really like about it. once one thing is over another 2 or 3 problems come his way. other people will like it beacuse it is written for a wide age range and the story line never gets boring.

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