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from Ruth Kilgallon
Whatís it about? The newest instalment in the hilarious misadventures of Georgia Nicholson and the Ace Gang. What happens? With her Sex God Robbie off in Kiwi-a-gogo land Georgia must find a way to go on with her life, else settle for the dull life of a widow. Luckily that isnít as hard as it first seemed, as Robbieís replacement in the Stiff Dylans is a gorgeous half Italian, half American Sex God. And if the challenge of getting him to fall for her and not Wet Lindsay wasnít enough, thereís still Angus and his offspring, coupled with the mad antics of her sister (who seems to be getting no saner) to deal with; as well as trying to figure out what exactly is going on with Dave the Laugh and the Cosmic Horn. Is it easy to read? Yup, both an easy read and an immensely enjoyable one. Anything else? If thereís one piece of advice that should be given to people about to read this book, it is this: Donít read it in public places - unless you donít mind being stared at like your insane when you burst out laughing.

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