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mrs mad's book-a-rama!

Where's Mrs Mad Gone?

Mrs Mad's gone to the West Indies.
No, she went of her own accord.

Mrs Mad's gone to St Petersburg.
  Is she Russian?
No, she's taking her time.

Mrs Mad's gone to Northern Italy.
I should think so, we've been married for years.

Mrs Mad's had an accident on a volcano.
No. She broke her leg.

Mrs Mad's gone mad in Venezuela.
Yes, completely loopy.

Mrs Mad's gone canoeing on the Welsh border.
Search me.

Mrs Mad's gone to the botanical gardens.
Yes, it was very busy.

Mrs Mad's gone to Malawi.
About 5000 miles!

Mrs Mad got an upset tummy in Laos.
Yes, for hours!

Mrs Mad's gone on a singing tour of South Korea.
No, just R&B and gospel.

Mrs Mad caught a cold in the Gulf.
Yes, she did sneeze a lot.

Mrs Mad went to a very bad concert in South East Asia.
Terrible. And the rest of the band were awful too.

Mrs Mad went on a sailing course in Poole.
  In Dorset?
Yes, she'd recommend it to anyone.

Mrs Mad's gone to the Indian coast.
Yes, she can be quite lively.

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